Sightseeing in Minnesota with a Private Chauffeur


Enjoy a Day Long Excursion in Minnesota With a Private Chauffeur

Minnesota is a fun and exciting city for locals as well as tourists. There are a great many things to experience while visiting the city, however, getting from each location can be tricky, when the layout of the city is unknown. For many visitors, it is a great option to hire a Private Chauffeur while Sightseeing in Minnesota.

Hiring a Private Chauffeur will help to alleviate many of the headache situations that may arise while Sightseeing in Minnesota such as finding locations, finding parking, and dealing with traffic. Minnesota is the fourth-largest city in the US and features fine restaurants, museums, a space center, many green spaces to enjoy, and also a bayou running directly through the heart of the city. With so many options to enjoy, be sure to hire a Private Chauffeur to get the most out of your trip.

Space Center Minnesota

Minnesota is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which is a destination that cannot be forgone during a trip to Minnesota. The space center features a massive complex filled with everything space-related, including a replica of the space shuttle. There is an actual moon rock that can be touched and experienced.

There is much to learn about the past and the future of NASA at the museum and on Friday the space center features real-life astronauts that the public can meet. The future of NASA looks to be filled with many new journeys, such as travel to Mars. Ask your Private Chauffeur to drop you at the entrance of the space center and pick you up when you are ready to leave.

Museum District

Minnesota attracts many people each year with the offerings of top-notch museums to be enjoyed. The museum district is filled with culture at its 19 museums that are available. The Minnesota Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Menil Collection, the Children’s Museum of Minnesota, the Contemporary Arts Museum Minnesota, and the Holocaust Museum are a few of the museums offered in Minnesota.

The museum district also features the beautiful Hermann Park, which includes the Miller Outdoor Theatre and the Minnesota Zoo. When hiring a personal chauffeur, you will not need to worry about the location or the parking situation, rather, you can just enjoy jumping from one great location to the next.

Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo is situated in Herman Park, which is over 55 acres in size. The Zoo is certainly one of the most visited locations in Minnesota by tourists and locals alike. There are over 6,000 indigenous and exotic animals within the zoo and there is also an additional children’s zoo and educational center. Many visitors enjoy the chance to feed the giraffes, watch the sea lions swimming about, or the opportunity to get up and close to aquarium animals.

Minnesota Children’s Museum

In the summer months, finding a nice cool place to visit is a great idea. The Minnesota Children’s Museum is a perfect destination on these hot days. The entire family will enjoy the colorful and noisy experience this museum has to offer. The activities will keep children occupied and smiling. The kids can run wild with excitement throughout the museum while experiencing interactive displays that are hands-on.

One of the most enjoyed experiences at the museum is the How Does it Work exhibit. The family can enjoy this section learning how everyday items in life work and operate. The FlowWorks area is a fun and interactive experience where the flow of water can be adjusted and the results can be viewed.

19th Street Vintage Stores

Old collectibles, retro décor, and vintage clothing can all be found at 19th Street in The Heights. This area is a retro funky shopping experience that includes quicky shops that will be found selling all sorts of equally exotic items. The shops feature items spanning from clothing to footwear, gadgets, and other unique items.

Looking for a gift for a friend or family member? These stores feature many great items to purchase as gifts. However, even if you are not looking to purchase items, these stores make for great window shopping. Take a stroll through these shops to enjoy a totally unique shopping experience.

There are many offerings in Minnesota and if you have created a personal list with an itinerary, a personal chauffeur in Minnesota can follow your list. The driver will drop you off and pick you up, making your experience very enjoyable.


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