7 Situations Where It’s Better To Hire a Chauffeur Than Drive Around Minneapolis

Whether you’re in town for business or the phenomenal arts and culture scene, Minneapolis is a busy city and often challenging to navigate. Instead of driving yourself, why not consider hiring one of the best limousine services in Minneapolis?

Keep reading to discover seven situations where it’s better to hire a chauffeur who treats safe and professional driving as an art form around Minneapolis.

Seven Times You Should Hire a Chauffeur

When should people hire a professional chauffeur instead of driving themselves? Whether you want a stress-free ride or time to prepare for a meeting, you’ll be better off with help driving in the following situations:

#1 You Want To Save Money

While taxis and rideshare options abound in the City of Lakes, they’re not the most cost-effective way to get around. Chauffeuring services offer an upfront, fixed price. That way, you don’t have to scrutinize a ticking meter or worry about heavy traffic affecting the price.

With a professional driver, there are no surprises or unknowns. Plus, you can add sustainable travel tips to your planning process for even more savings on top of hiring a car service.

#2 You Need To Impress

If you need to impress a client or grab attention as you arrive at a fancy event, there’s no better way than pulling up in a fancy limousine. Nothing says luxury, power, and style than arriving in high-class vehicles with someone to open the door for you. Not only will your clients feel well cared for, but they’ll also know you mean business and arrive at the table ready to close the deal.

It’s also a great way to impress a date. Is anything more attractive than the combination of wealth with a sense of style? Seal the possibility of a second date when you hire a personal driver.

#3 You’re On a Tight Schedule

Between traffic jams and numerous construction projects, visitors to Minneapolis aren’t often able to predict how long travel will take around the city. When you hire a professional driver, you can be confident that they’ll arrive on time and come well-prepared with several possible routes to your required destination.

When you hire a chauffeur, you save time because you don’t have to factor in extra parking time, wait times, or finding ways to kill time after you’ve arrived too early.

#4 You’re Prioritizing Comfort

Unlike a taxi or rideshare program, hiring a limousine or a sedan from a professional car service guarantees the vehicles are well-maintained and comfortable. The entire experience is also personalized. A professional driver takes time to learn your preferences and anticipate your needs by providing all the available amenities.

#5 You’re Looking For the Perfect Gift

Whether it’s a 20-year anniversary or a first date, nothing impresses like a night out on the town in a limousine. Does your loved one always tell you there’s nothing they want? Whether it’s your wife, brother, or adult child, a fun night with a professional driving service is the perfect gifting solution.

#6 You Need Preparation Time

When you drive yourself, you don’t have time to primp or prepare for wherever you’re going.

If you’re arriving at a business meeting, the car ride gives you time to look over your notes or the business proposal one last time. You can arrive at your event with confidence.

If you’re going to a party or social gathering, you can use the time to finish off any makeup or ensure your tie looks just right. And when you give your driver the perfect party playlist, you can pump yourself up and arrive ready for the action.

#7 You Want to Feel Safe

While many people are more than capable of handling complications, it’s helpful to understand the numerous safety risks of driving yourself around a city. If you’re not from the area, finding your way can distract you or open you up to avoidable driving mistakes. With a professional driver, you won’t have to worry about the risks posed by traffic, road construction, or anything else.

If you’d rather not go anywhere alone, chauffeurs bring peace of mind. They also have the training to handle most health and safety emergencies.

Contact Black Tie Limousine for the Best Chauffeurs

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a private chauffeur, navigating the big city will be a breeze. Black Tie Limousine has a wide range of options, from the two-passenger Lincoln Continental to the 20-person white Hummer stretch. To hire a chauffeur in and around The Twin Cities, call (952) 967-8800 today!


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