Night Out Transportation in Minnesota

Night Out Transportation Minnesota

Hire a limousine driver for a great night out in Minnesota

Minnesota is known for its great day attractions, however, there are a number of exciting evening adventures waiting for you as well. 

Minnesota has many clubs and bars to be enjoyed during the night hours, however, this article will also lay out other options that are available throughout the city. 

If the below options are a good option for you, be sure to consider hiring a limousine for your Night Out Transportation needs. 

Make your evening the most it can be by removing the pressures of driving yourself around the city, finding parking, or even worse, getting lost. 

Let a limousine pick you up and drop you off, all while being taken care of by a professional driver.

Spooky Tour

The Spooky Tour is exactly like it sounds like. Put on your walking shoes and experience this two-and-a-half-hour tour. The tour is filled with fun activities and is for adults exclusively. Enter old buildings that have checkered pasts and spooky stories.

Your guide, who will be dressed in costume, will guide the tour through the historic districts of Minnesota. This spooky tour also involves stopping by four different pubs, so be sure to enjoy a drink or two, to take the spooky edge off. Not only will you learn about spooky aspects, but your tour guide will also present other valued information about the city.

The Escape Game

This experience is for anyone who enjoys puzzles, finding clues, and using this knowledge to escape the situation. This facility immerses visitors into a world of inquisitiveness. Solving puzzles, finding clues, with the ultimate goal of escape is an engaging experience for groups of people. The goal is to escape before time runs out. There are five different storylines to experience.

Minnesota Museum of Natural Science

A museum might not be the first place you think of as a nighttime endeavor, however, the Minnesota Museum of Natural Science is open and ready for business. If you are a museum lover you won’t want to miss the adventures the museum offers at night. There are three separate groupings available with a scout who leads the way. One for scouts, one for kids and chaperones, and one for everyone else older than 12. The packages vary in their offerings. A planetarium show, scavenger hunt, and detective games are all options available. The museum even offers overnight stays.

City Lights Tour

The holiday season is a special time in Minnesota. The town is lit up from top to bottom and the lights are a true feature of the city. The tour will take riders through the Theater District, Buffalo Bayou, River Oaks District, Allen Parkway, Market Square Park, and the Historic District.

What makes this tour special is the double-decker bus that drives tourists around. The bus is fantastic looking and allows for unobstructed views for riders. The guide of the bus will point out great features of the city while keeping commentary light and enjoyable. Each rider receives a complimentary cup of hot chocolate during the tour.

Overnight at the Minnesota Space Center

This is not your normal camping experience. The Minnesota Space Center offers overnight camping. Staying the night at the space center will not only come with an overnight tour but also includes meals and many activities. The goal of the stay is to learn about technology, engineering, science, and mathematics. Wake up in the morning knowing much has been learned the night before.

Minute Maid Park

Minnesota is known for its baseball and attending a night game is a great way to be part of the action. The Minnesota Astros stadium is the first retractable-roofed stadium that is built in the city. The stadium can seat up to almost 42,000 people during games and other concerts and events. Most night games and concerts begin after sundown, so you have plenty of time to do all the daytime activities in the city, before arriving at the stadium. After a fun day in Minnesota, head out to the stadium to root on the Astros.

Visit Minnesota Today

Minnesota is a fun and exciting city with many options for locals and visitors alike. Head out on the town in Minnesota and make the experience the best it can be, by hiring a limousine to deliver you and guests to each location on time. Enjoy a few drinks and more importantly, enjoy each other, while a professional driver provides your Night Out Transportation


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